Quality Testing

We pay attention to the details.

Products are subjected to rigorous and extensive testing exceeding industry standards; ensuring the highest quality products, customers have learned to expect from ICCL.

Our Quality Testing Process

To ensure the quality of our products we perform the following types of tests.

UT Testing – Ultra Sonic Testing (Railway)

We have the equipment and certified personnel to perform Ultra Sonic Testing. This capability allows us to detect internal flaws in the raw materials, which ensures that the commutators are internally defect free.

Skew Test

The vision measuring system ensures that the commutator (copper bars and mica segments) is parallel to the bore centerline of the commutator.

Dielectric Testing
(Bar to Bar, Hipot)

Performed to verify the electrical insulation in finished parts. Hipot test and Bar to Bar test verifies that the insulation of this product is sufficient to ensure minimal current leakage that can affect the overall performance of the commutators.

Spin Test Performance Characteristics for Stability

Delta Total Indicated Run Out

The measurement of concentricity of the bore compared to the commutator brush surface. Extremely tight tolerances have to be met. The test ensures the commutator will be aligned with the armature shaft and reduce wear on the armature and brushes.

Delta Bar to Bar

Measures the movement from bar to bar. Extremely tight tolerances have to be met. The extreme tolerances do not allow for conventional methods of measuring. These characteristics are measured with a vision/touch-less system

Growth Requirement

Requested by specific customers, this test measures the change in diameter of the commutator.