Commutators. It's what we do!

For over 50 years we have taken great pride in the spirit and passion which drives our company mission:

To produce quality products for the global market, which continually exceeds our customers’ expectations and provides them with a competitive advantage, thus ensuring our continued strength and profitability.

David R. Simpson, CEO

Approved Supplier

Only approved commutator supplier for aeronautical products by regulatory authorities, and for General Electric and General Motors traction motor commutators in North America.

We ship globally

Whether a single-unit or high-volume order, we export globally to various industry sectors from aircraft and railway to mining and military.

Quality product & service

We are known for our service and prompt delivery times, as well as our quality assurance and competitive pricing.

Industries Served

We serve customers around the world in various industry sectors, including aircraft, railway, transit systems, pulp and paper mills, mining, steel mills, marine, elevators and military.


We offer an extensive list of aircraft commutators, approved by Transport Canada, FAA and EASA.

Railway (Locomotive)

We manufacture and supply railway traction motor commutators for many popular models all across the globe.


We specialize in custom or unique application commutators and slip rings, offering complete units or refill units.


Approved by Transport Canada, FAA and EASA, we can supply approved airworthy commutators.


We specialize in custom or specialized application commutators and slip rings, offering complete units or refill units.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Read kind words from just some of our happy customers….
I am writing to acknowledge and recognize the outstanding contribution ICC has made toward the successful completion of NASA’s 40x80 Aeroacoustic Modification Project through the work performed in rebuilding the commutator on what we call the D1B rotor...

J. Hurlbut

Thank you for the wonderful service that you guys provided to us. Everything went very well and the project was completed according to plan. The motor was re-installed and up and running! Please give our warm regards to your co-workers.


Just Some of Our Customers